Friday, March 30, 2012

Syrian Government: Armed Groups Killed 6143 Syrians

In this letter the Syrian government says that 6143 Syrians have been killed since "the beginning of the events in Syria until 15 March 2012". This death toll is "due to the acts committed by armed terrorist groups", the letter added. 
I have the honor to transmit herewith a detailed table on the losses incurred in the Syrian
Arab Republic due to the acts committed by armed terrorist groups. The table covers the period from the beginning of the events in Syria until 15 March 2012 and it contains the following information:
§  Death toll of civilians: 3211 people.
§  Death toll of police: 478 people.
§  Death toll of Army and Security Forces: 2088 people (as of 21 March 2012).
§  Death toll of women: 204 people.
§  Death toll of children: 156 people.
§  Death toll of directly assassinated people: 106 people.
Resulting in a total of 6143 deaths in the Svrian Arab Republic
§  Kidnapped civilians, army personnel, and police officers: 1560 people, including 931 missing people.
§  Stolen government vehicles: 2256 vehicles.
It would be highly appreciate it if the present letter and its annex could be circulated as an official document of the Security Council.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurance of my highest consideration.
Bashar Ja’afari
Permanent Representativg
H.E. Sir Mark Lyall Grant
President of the Security Council
CC: HE. Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations
Annex: 1 Page

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  2. The headline of this blog contains an interpretation I believe is mistaken. The Syrian government states that the 6143 deaths are "due to the acts committed by armed terrorist groups". But that is not that same thing as stating "armed groups killed 6143". That's because a large but unspecified number of the 3211 deaths of "civilians" were deaths of armed rebels who were killed by Syrian security forces. Commentator Nabil Abi Saab has made the interpretation that the Syrian government believes the rebels killed 3211 civilians and only 2088 security forces and 478 police. But that is not what the Syrian government is saying in the above letter. In fact it is well accepted in Syria that the security forces have borne the majority of the killings done by the rebels, even though the rebels have killed many civilians. The Syrian government does not claim in the above letter that the armed groups have killed more civilians than they've killed security forces. It is Nabil Abi Saab's misinterpretation.

    1. Parviziyi,

      I confirmed what I wrote with Syrian officials and this was exactly what they told me. They do believe that the armed groups killed 6143 Syrians as written in this letter.

      Thank you for your comment.