Friday, March 23, 2012

UNSC Condemns Coup in Mali

This is the UN Security Council Press Statement on Mali -- March 22, 2012. 
"The members of the Security Council strongly condemn the forcible seizure of power from the democratically-elected government of Mali by some elements of the Malian armed forces.  They call on these elements to ensure the safety and security of President Amadou Toumani Toure, and return to their barracks.  They demand the release of all detained Malian officials. 
The members of the Security Council call for the immediate restoration of constitutional rule and the democratically-elected government.  They also call for the preservation of the electoral process as previously scheduled.
The members of the Security Council urge all parties to exercise maximum restraint, refrain from violence and remain calm.
The members of the Security Council welcome efforts by UNOWA and international partners, especially the African Union and ECOWAS, and further express their intention to continue to follow closely the evolution of the situation in Mali.
The Members of the Security Council emphasise the need to uphold and respect the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Mali."
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