Friday, August 21, 2015

This is what UN Envoy is discussing with Houthies: Hadi's 'Agreement formula for the solution in Yemen'

Unofficial translation
20 August 2015

 Agreement formula for the solution in Yemen
And the implementation of the SC resolution 2216

Based on belief of the importance of a peaceful solution in Yemen according to the GCC initiative, its implementation mechanism, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, SC resolution 2216 and the Riyadh Declaration.

Convinced of the need to stop the bloodshed, and to provide urgent humanitarian assistance, as well as to treat the wounded and the injured, provide healthcare for patients, facilitate the return of Yemeni refugees from abroad and IDPs to their homes.

Given that achieving peace is a prerequisite for the reconstruction of Yemen, as well as for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, the handling of war consequences, provision of the necessary environment for restoration of normal life in all provinces and the resumption of economic activities in Yemen.  

An agreement was reach on the following:

Firstly: Security Measures:

1.    The Houthi-Saleh full and immediate commitment to unconditionally implement SC resolution 2216.
2.    The announcement of the commitment to a ceasefire for 15 days (extendable), in conjunction with the withdrawal of the Houthi-Saleh militias from military and civil institutions of the state, all cities and provinces including Sana'a and Sa'adah. If the truce is breached by the Houthi-Saleh militias, it will be dealt with firmly.
3.    Complete withdrawal from state institutions and all cities and provinces including Sana'a and Sa'adah, to hand all the institutions and civilian and military units to the Government.
A.    To return all heavy and medium weapons, missiles navy and Air Force units, and weapons and ammunition stores and military camps to the government, as well as the maps for minefield  that have been planted.
B.    Demobilize all child soldiers (under 18).
C.   Adhere to the principles of protection of civilians, the conventions on diplomatic immunity, and to put an end to all practices that contradict with the two Vienna conventions on diplomatic and consular relations of 1961-1963
D.   The immediate safe release of Minister of Defense Brigadier General Mahmoud Al-Soubaihi, Professor Dr. Abdulrazaq Al-Ashwal Minister of Technical Education, all the detainees and abductees, and to hand them over to the government in the  presence of the ICRC.
4.    The formation of a military observers team by the UN to verify the implementation as stated in paragraph 3 of this document. The UN Secretary General will report to the Security Council on the compliance, two days before the end of the ceasefire.
5.    The government will exercise its powers over all state military and civil institutions, supervising its works and fully assumed its responsibility in maintaining security and stability. All parties should facilitate government tasks and not to interfere in its powers.
6.    The government will rearrange the military and security personnel in accordance with the law to ensure the security and stability of Yemen.
7.    Announcement by the Houthis and Saleh of the dismantling of their militias.
8.    The activation of sanctions contained in SC resolutions on Yemen.

Secondly: Humanitarian Assistance:

The Houthi-Saleh militias should refrain from:
1.    Abstracting the government's efforts to facilitate the work of the UN, its specialized agencies and all humanitarian actors in providing immediate assistance to the affected people of Yemen, including speedy access to all the population in need in all provinces of Yemen. The government, in coordination with the UN, will form a security protective teams whenever the need arises.
2.    Abstracting the government efforts to facilitate the return of Yemeni refugees and the IDPs to their cities and towns.
3.    Abstracting the efforts of the government committee to be stablished, to coordinate with the ICRC to verify the delivery of urgent humanitarian assistance to the people in need, the treatment of the wounded and injured as well as the prisoners and the detainees in accordance with the international humanitarian law.

Thirdly: The resumption of the political process:

1.    To resume the political process once the security measures have been achieved as mentioned in the first section of this document, the measures set forth in para1 of the SC resolution 2216 and the restoration of the government to exercise its powers in all regions of the Republic of Yemen.
2.    The resumption of the political process in accordance with the GCC initiative, its implementation mechanism, the outcome of the national dialogue, the SC resolution 2216 and the Riyadh declaration.
3.    To fully adhere to the comprehensive national strategy which will be established by the government in coordination with regional and international community, to fight terrorism and terrorist organizations in every region of Yemen, and prevent them from taking the Yemeni territory as a base or corridor to attack neighboring countries or any other countries.
4.    Refrain from abstracting the government efforts in exercising its sovereign powers to protect the state boundaries.
5.    Refrain from abstracting the work of the committee to be stablished by the government to investigate the politically motivated crimes committed since 2011 and the mechanism that the committee would adopt according to the law.

Fourthly: The Reconstruction:

1.    To convene an international conference for the reconstruction of Yemen, in order to provide the basic services, infrastructure development, restart the Yemeni economy, provide job opportunities for the citizens and achieve prosperity for Yemen.

2.    The Security Council urges all member states and international organizations to shoulder their responsibility towards the post conflict efforts in Yemen including the demining and the reconstruction, and call upon the UN system to actively participate in Yemen's reconstruction conference and lend the necessary support for the fulfillment of its objectives.

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