Thursday, February 12, 2015

Draft resolution on Yemen, drafted by GCC

The Security Council,
Recalling its resolutions 2014 (2011), 2051 (2012) and 2140 (2014) and presidential statements of 15 February 2013 and 29 August 2014, [UNSCR 2140 PP1]
Reaffirming its strong commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen, and its commitment to stand by the people of Yemen, [based on PP2 UNSCR 2140]
Supporting the efforts of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and commending its engagement in assisting the political transition in Yemen, [based on UNSCR 2140 PP3]
Stressing that the current security development in Yemen poses a threat to the security and stability of the region and the interests of its people, [new]
Stressing that the Houthi coup is a serious escalation, and expressing alarm at the hostile acts committed by the Houthis and their supporters, which have resulted in undermining the political process in Yemen, and jeopardizing the security, stability, sovereignty and unity of Yemen, [new]
Emphasizing that the political transitional process agreed upon by the parties to the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism Agreement and the Peace and Partnership Agreement has been violated, [new]
Expressing grave concern at house arrest by the Houthis of Government officials, including President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, Prime Minister Khalid Bahah and members of the Cabinet, [Press elements of Feb 6]
Expressing grave concern over reports of the use of child soldiers by Houthi forces, [PoE]
Noting the formidable economic, security and social challenges confronting Yemen, which have left many Yemenis in acute need of humanitarian assistance, [UNSCR 2140 PP11]
Emphasizing the need for the return to the implementation of the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism to avoid further deterioration of the humanitarian and security situation in Yemen, [UNSCR 2140 PP18]
Reiterating the need for comprehensive, independent and impartial investigations consistent with international standards into alleged human rights violations and abuses in line with the outcomes of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, the GCC Initiative, and the Implementation Mechanism, to ensure full accountability,  [UNSCR 2140 PP15]
Stressing that the solution to the situation in Yemen is through a peaceful, inclusive, orderly and Yemeni-led political transition process that meets the legitimate demands and aspirations of the Yemeni people for peaceful change and meaningful political, economic and social reform, as set out in the GCC Initiative and Implementation Mechanism, the outcomes of the comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, and the Peace and Partnership Agreement, and in this regard expresses its support for the efforts of the Special Advisor of the Secretary-General on Yemen, Mr. Jamal Benomer [Based on UNSCR 2140 PP12]
Noting with grave concern the alarming increase of the number of incidents involving Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), [PoE report]
Expressing concern at AQAP’s ability to benefit from the deterioration of the security situation in Yemen, [PoE report]
Determining that the situation in Yemen constitutes a threat to international peace and security, [UNSCR 2140 PP20]
Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, [UNSCR 2140 PP21]
1.   Strongly condemns the Houthis coup and unlawful seizure of power, including all use of violence, hostility and takeover of all of Yemen’s Government institutions and State infrastructure; [based on press elements of 6 Feb]
2.   Stresses its rejection of all unilateral acts, including attempts to change the status quo by force, or change the components and nature of society in Yemen; [new]
3.  Condemns attacks by the Houthis against private residences, houses of worship, schools, health centres, and medical infrastructure and equipment, [PoE]
4.   Expresses grave concern over the takeover by the Houthis of the media outlets and using it to incite violence, and frustrate the legitimate aspirations for peaceful change of the people of Yemen, [based on UNSRC 2140 OP5]
5.  Demands that all parties, in particular the Houthis, abide by the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative, the National Dialogue Conference Outcomes and the Peace and Partnership Agreement, and its security annex which provide for a Yemeni-led democratic transition; [based on press elements of 6 Feb]
6.   Demands that the Houthis immediately and unconditionally:
  (a)  withdraw their forces from Government institutions, and from all regions under their control, including in the capital Sanaa, 
  (b)  normalize the security situation in the capital and return Government and Security institutions to the State’s authority,
  (c) safely release all individuals under house arrest or detained,
  (d) cease all armed hostilities against the Government and people of Yemen and to handover the arms seized from the military and security institutions,
  (e) refrain from insisting on taking unilateral action that could undermine the political transition and the security of Yemen, [new]
7.  Calls on all member states to refrain from external interference which seeks to foment conflict and instability and instead to support the political transition. [PRST/2014/18].
8.  Requests the Secretary-General to continue his good offices role, stresses the importance of their close co-ordination between the GCC and other international partners, including the G10; [based on UNSCR2140 OP32]
9.  Requests the Secretary-General to continue to report on the implementation of this resolution within 15 days and every 15 days thereafter; [based on UNSCR2140 OP33]
10. Declares its readiness to take further steps in case of non-compliance with this resolution, in particular paragraphs 5 and 6 hereof, and if UN-led negotiations are not immediately resumed; [press elements of 6 Feb]

11. Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.
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