Monday, March 3, 2014

Yanukovich's letter to Putin: Protect the people of Ukraine

Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin at the Security Council shows Yanukovich's letter that appeals to President Putin to use military force in Ukraine
Click here to read the original letter in Russian language. 


As a lawfully elected President of Ukraine, I state the following.
Developments on the Maydan, illegal seizure of power in Kiev have pushed Ukraine to the brink of civil war. The country has plunged into chaos and anarchy. 
Lives, safety and rights of people, particularly in the South-West and the Crimea, are at risk. The country is in the grip of outright terror and violence driven by the West. 
People are persecuted on political and language grounds.
In this context, I appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir V. Putin to use the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to re-establish the rule of law, peace, order, stability and to protect the people of Ukraine.
Viktor F . Yanukovich
March 1, 2014

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