Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Security Council draft statement on Homs/ Syria

Australia and Luxembourg circulated this draft press statement in the Security Council, diplomats said. It is under silence procedure until 12pm today on Wednesday, July 3rd. 

The members of the Security Council express their grave concern about the estimated  2,500 civilians trapped in Homs as a result of the recent heavy fighting.
The members of the Security Council call upon the Syrian Government to facilitate immediate, safe and unhindered access, in accordance with the United Nations guiding principles of humanitarian assistance, for relevant humanitarian, including UN, actors, to reach civilians in Homs, in urgent need of assistance, in particular, medical assistance.
The members of the Security Council call upon all parties in Syria to do  their utmost to protect civilians, including allowing them to leave Homs  and avoid civilian casualties, recalling the primary responsibility of the Syrian Government in this regard.  They emphasize that those responsible for violations of applicable international law will be held accountable.
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