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Russian non-paper on Geneva - 2 / Syria

Russia proposed this non-paper on June 5th, in the first preparatory meeting for Geneva 2 international conference on Syria, diplomats said.

Unofficial translation
International Conference on Facilitating a Political Settlement in Syria
The International Conference on Facilitating a Political Settlement in Syria (hereinafter the Conference) shall be convened in accordance with Russia US agreements reached in Moscow on May 7, 2013, on the basis of the Final Communiqué of the ministerial meeting of the Action Group for Syria held in Geneva on June 30, 2012.

Wendy Sherman (right), US Under Secretary of State, with members
of the Russian delegation, including Deputy Ministers for Foreign
Affairs Gennady Gatilov (second from left) and
Mikhail Bogdanov (third from left). 05 June 2013, Geneva, Switzerland.
The convening of the Conference is a result of firm conviction of its organizers and participants to respect and protect the principles of international law and the UN Charter, including, in particular, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States, non-interference in their internal affairs, refrain from threat or use of force against any of them and peaceful settlement of international disputes.
The purpose of the Conference is to provide international support to the representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition to allow them to jointly determine how they can fully implement the Geneva Communique of June 30, 2012, as an essential means of halting the bloodshed and addressing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, coordinating approaches to the problem of chemical Weapons security and preventing further destabilization in the region.
These provisions and principles could be reflected in the invitations to be sent to the participants of the International Conference on behalf of the UN Secretary General on the basis of the Russian-American agreements reached in Moscow on May 7, 2013.
The Conference shall be held under the UN auspices and be co-sponsored by Russia and the US. Its agenda and date as well as participants shall be determined by the Co-sponsored following consultations with stakeholders. Cosponsors shall also monitor the implementation of the Conference decisions and the activities of working groups that could be set up.
The venue of the Conference: Geneva, the Swiss Confederation.
Date of the Conference:
- Permanent UN SC members:
Russia - co-ponsor
US - co-sponsor
Great Britain
- UN Secretary-General
(OIC Secretary-General)
- LAS Secretary-General
- EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
- Special Representative for Syria L. Brahimi
- Neighbouring countries and other regional states:
Saudi Arabia
The representation of Syrian parties at the Conference shall be provided through the participation of the Government of Syria, on the one hand, and of all opposition groups acting on the platform of a political settlement of the crisis Within the framework of the Geneva agreements, on the other.
Based on the results of the initial phase of the Conference, the participants are expected to adopt a Joint Statement confirming their commitment to a political settlement of the Syrian crisis and containing their explicit obligations to facilitate finding an early solution by the Syrians themselves in the framework of the Geneva agreements, including:
- cessation of armed violence and incitement to it, as Well as all forms of outside involvement, and controlled suppression of illegal arms supplies and traffic in militants;
- launching of the negotiating process, inter alia with a view to the creation, based on a mutual agreement between the Government of Syria and opposition groups, of a transitional governing authority in accordance with Geneva Communiqué of 30 June 2012;
- initiation of an inclusive dialogue with the participation of representatives of the Government of Syria, opposition groups, as well as all other significant quarters of the Syrian society with a view to determining major parameters of the political process aimed at restoring stability, ensuring national reconciliation and implementing reforms in line with legitimate aspirations of the people of Syria to allow them to decide their own destiny in an independent and democratic way.
With the support of the co-sponsors and other participants in the Conference, the Syrian parties are to assume relevant obligations and start working to agree on the format of intra-Syrian negotiations on the following issues:
1) cessation of fire;
2) formation, on the basis of a mutual agreement between the Government of Syria and opposition group, of a transitional governing authority;
3) full restoration of the state sovereignty of Syria on its outside borders;
4) coordination of efforts to counteract terrorism, mercenary activities, gangsterism and other forms of organized crime;
5) ensuring security and law and order, including, in the first place, the cessation of violence and actions inflicting physical damage in the entire territory of the country;
6) provision of relief to the population in areas affected by hostilities;
7) release of detained persons who have not been charged with criminal activities, as well as all persons captured and illegally detained by whatever party to the conflict;
8) return of refugees and internally displaced persons.
The Conference could form, from among its participants, the following working groups:
- a working group to facilitate military and political stabilization;
- a working group to facilitate inclusive intra-Syrian dialogue and civil society development;
- a working group to facilitate normalization of the financial, economic and humanitarian situation;
a working group to assist the affected population and facilitate the return of refugees.
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