Friday, November 16, 2012

Security Council statement on Gaza (2008)

On the situation in Gaza, Morocco circulated a draft statement in the Security Council "called on all parties to stop immediately all military activities". Diplomats said that the proposed draft was based on this Statement that was adopted by the Council on 28 December 2008. 

28 December 2008

The following Security Council press statement on the situation in Gaza was read out by Council President Neven Jurica ( Croatia):

The members of the Security Council expressed serious concern at the escalation of the situation in Gaza and called for an immediate halt to all violence.  The members called on the parties to stop immediately all military activities.
The members of the Council called for all parties to address the serious humanitarian and economic needs in Gaza and to take necessary measures, including opening of border crossings, to ensure the continuous provision of humanitarian supplies, including supplies of food, fuel and provision of medical treatment.
The members of the Council stressed the need for the restoration of calm in full, which will open the way for finding a political solution to the problems existing in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli settlement.
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